Custom designer of pendants & rings hand crafted from silver, gold, Mokume gane & semi precious stones.
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John Delmatoff  I started designing and creating jewelry some time ago, but I've always loved the idea of combining stones, silver, and gold into wearable art.  The truth is, I've never been able to walk past a jewelry store window without stopping and browsing.

     I take a minimalist approach to my designs and try as much as possible to center each piece around the stones or the engraving pattern I'm working with.  The metals I use are intended to capture and hold the stone structurally while adding an appropriate amount of visual appeal.  I work hard to make certain that the metal work never overwhelms or overshadows the stone itself.  If it's a piece that doesn't utilize any stones, I try to fabricate the metal in a way that is sculptural.

     I'm a self-taught silver smith, stone cutter, and engraver.  It may not be the best or most efficient way to learn a craft but it fits with my style of doing things in general.  And while I've undertaken formal training in fabrication and engraving techniques, I still consider myself primarily self-taught.  I'm always looking for new techniques to master.

     You'll find my designs are simple and understated.  When I look for stones or metals to design around, I look for the unusual and the unique.  Sometimes, I'll produce a single design and end up using several different colored stones or  cuts in the same design, such as the series of women's rings on this site.  It's usually just a matter of my being unable to make up my mind about which stone I like best, so I make up several different ones.  I call that a "limited edition."pendant 


  I also enjoy designing jewelry for men.  You can see some examples in my series of men's rings.  No matter what I design,  each piece is individually hand crafted by me personally. 

     Finally, you'll find my makers mark on each piece I sell.  It's my way of signing the piece and expressing my pride of craftsmanship in that work. 


  I hope you'll purchase one of my pieces and enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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